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Keeping Ducks as Pets

Information and Pictures

Right Profile - A Muscovy Duck is standing in a blue kiddie pool of water flapping its wings.

Jake the Muscovy Duck taking a swim in the pool

A group of ducklings are walking on wood chips around a water feeder in a cage.

Messy little ducklings

Two ducks arestanding in mud next to a duck that is laying down out in a yard. There is a water bowl behind them.
Right Profile - A white with red Muscovy Duck is walking across dirt and it is looking to the right.

Male Muscovy Duck—Male Muscovys are called drakes. Drakes do not quack; they hiss. Video clip of a male Muscovy Duck. In the clip you can hear other ducks quacking and guinea fowl calling in the background, but if you listen closely, toward the end of the clip you can hear the male Muscovy hissing. Female Muscovys are called "ducks." The females do not quack either; they squeak with different emphases for different occasions. Muscovys also have a funny walk to them. This type of duck lives to be about 7 to 8 years old.

Left Profile - A white with red Muscovy Duck is standing in dirt stretching its head forward.

Male Muscovy Duck

A Mallard Duck is swimming in a body of green water looking to the right.

Male Mallard duck

A female mallard duck is swimming in green water in front of two male mallard ducks.

Female Mallard duck (front), Two male Mallard ducks (back)